Sunday Sketches

It’s been a busy week here and it has just flown by. I did a little painting (see Friday’s post for that) but not much sketching. I do have this little found creature to show. I’m not sure what he just witnessed, but it must have been pretty shocking from the look on his face. He needs to snap out of it so he can represent me for Sunday Sketches this week!

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23 thoughts on “Sunday Sketches

  1. Carol

    Oh but he is so cute ~ love the way you do these with the swirly backgrounds ~thanks, namaste, CArol (Share the Creative Journey) linked with Sunday Sketches ^_^

  2. Sylvia Montesinos

    Looks like an expression we might have all shared at some point in our lives. Love the idea that you do a companion sketch of what he sees, although it might be more fun to keep it a mystery.


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