Sunday Sketches

It’s time for Sunday Sketches! I didn’t have a lot of sketching time this week, but I had an idea for a painting and did a rough sketch of it before I forgot. Then I added a little color digitally  to record the color scheme I had in mind. It isn’t especially accurate but enough to help me remember my idea so I can come back to it later. That’s meant to be a seashell ornament in her hair and I’ll probably crop the background down closer to the girl, but this is a start.

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18 thoughts on “Sunday Sketches

  1. Melissa Liban

    How lovely. If it looks this great and it was done quickly it will look awesome when fully done. Love the color scheme you have in mind.

    1. admin Post author

      I use GIMP for digital stuff. It’s free and open source. I scanned in the sketch and used the airbrush to add color, them moved the sketch to the top layer and set that layer to Multiply to let the colored layer show through.

  2. Anonymous

    lovely– reminds me of my favorite place! i’m impressed by the digital coloring. i need to learn more about that. what program do you use?


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