Paint Party Friday

Happy Paint Party Friday! I’ve been taking Sharon’s Faces in Collage online class and this is what I’ve been working on.  The idea is to use magazine photos in a collage, paint over the images turning them into something else, and let that shape the story. I’ve decided to call this piece Intrepid because the young woman seems fearless and determined and on a mysterious adventure. Below is a photo of the collage images I  used. It was great fun to turn the bowl of pears into an eagle hat!

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23 thoughts on “Paint Party Friday

  1. Anonymous

    very cool. you did a wonderful job of making this painting so mysterious…I feel like it should be in a book and a great story is there…

    – KAT –

  2. Kat Griffin

    very cool…I like you imagination at work here. this could be in a book about a very interesting mysterious story involving this girl

    – KAT –

  3. Robin

    This is such a creative approach with both the collage and to inform the painting! I think it turned out absolutely lovely! ~Happy Paint Party Friday! #9 Robin Panzer Art Studio 33

  4. Stephanie Corder

    I LOVE this technique! And you did such a beautiful job making it your own! I used this method last year to create 3 canvases for my brother of him and his sons….. Thanks for reminding me of this!
    Happy Paint Party Friday (a day late;))

  5. Tracey Grgic Potter

    This is incredible! You have such talent, I’m glad you stopped by my blog and are sharing with PPF, because it’s wonderful to have discovered your amazing work. Mellisa, I’d love to see your palette some time soon for P&P. Have a productive and creative week. xx


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