Monthly Archives: December 2011

The Furtive Dryad

I think she’s finished. If you remember last week, she almost hit the trash bin. I was just having fits with the background. I kept wanting to put a little lighted hut in the background but I wasn’t listening to her story. She has left her forest home on an adventure but she must be very careful not to be caught! The humans believe her kind are only a myth and she must not let them find out the truth or they will have no peace and will have to move deeper into the forest. She will just have a quick peek and then she’ll disappear into the night.

Mixed media on canvas paper. Below is my palette of acrylics for P&P. I also used white charcoal, black Scribe All and bark Inktense pencils and gesso. I’m also showing the collage that I started with as my inspiration. I’ll be linking to Paint Party Friday and to Tracey’s Palette and Paint. I really appreciate everyone’s comments from last week. You helped save this one!

Paint Party Friday

Time for Paint Party Friday! I don’t have a finished painting to show this week, but I’ve been working on this mixed media painting over collage. It still needs a lot of work and may end up being trashed but maybe I can salvage it. I don’t like the background so I know I will change that but haven’t decided yet just what I want to do with it. At least I got to paint a bit this week, so I’m happy about that.

Mistress of the Game

I almost forgot about Paint Party Friday! Sorry to have been absent so much, lately. I’ve been battling migraines that just won’t go away and a throat ulcer. The throat is all better now but the head is being stubborn.

This is another painting I did for the Faces in Collage class. It really interesting to pick a bunch of collage pieces and figure out how to put them together and then let the painting develop it’s own story. The collage I started with is below and the final painting is not what I had imagined but it had a mind of it’s own. That collage piece on the bottom with the shadows was an ad for The Biggest Loser. The game peices started as paper lanterns turned upside down. I love that you can use almost anything for the collage part. This has a lot of metallics in it that, unfortunately, don’t show up in the photo.  It has a nice sparkle in real life.

I’m going out of town for a few days but will make the PPF rounds when I get home. I’m anxious to see what you’ve all be working on.