Mistress of the Game

I almost forgot about Paint Party Friday! Sorry to have been absent so much, lately. I’ve been battling migraines that just won’t go away and a throat ulcer. The throat is all better now but the head is being stubborn.

This is another painting I did for the Faces in Collage class. It really interesting to pick a bunch of collage pieces and figure out how to put them together and then let the painting develop it’s own story. The collage I started with is below and the final painting is not what I had imagined but it had a mind of it’s own. That collage piece on the bottom with the shadows was an ad for The Biggest Loser. The game peices started as paper lanterns turned upside down. I love that you can use almost anything for the collage part. This has a lot of metallics in it that, unfortunately, don’t show up in the photo.  It has a nice sparkle in real life.

I’m going out of town for a few days but will make the PPF rounds when I get home. I’m anxious to see what you’ve all be working on.

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21 thoughts on “Mistress of the Game

  1. Carol

    What a great idea ~ collage and then paint ~ Your painting is awesome ~ very powerful ~~ thanks, namaste, CArol (Share the Creative Journey) Happy PPF

  2. pointypix

    wow, this is stunning. It’s very surreal and I love seeing how it started life as a collage piece and turned into something so very different and truly brilliant!

  3. yvonne

    I sure want to take that class. Your work turned out lovely. Hey, I have a history of migraines. don’t know if I told you about what I’m doing now that has kept me from getting a migraine for the last 6 months. I take magnesium and B-2. Google it and read up on the research. It works for me. Right now I take 1000 mg of mag and 200 mg of B2 but you may need less. Also there are different kinds of mag and be sure and take one that won’t give you digestive upset. Anyway, good luck.

  4. Carol Samsel

    So sorry to hear of your migraines…I know from personal experience they can be devastating . I really love your collage painting :0)

  5. Daniele

    oh my goodness. My jaw is on the floor! Amazing. Beautiful. Stunning. …and Amazing again. I cannot believe this. Really really just stunning!

  6. Kristin Van Valkenburgh

    Ooooh, this is absolutely stunning!!! I LOVE what you have done here – it is so sultry and beautiful. And isn’t it cool what happens when we let our Muse take over? I find that is especially true with collage – you keep finding hidden messages that you may not have even thought of when you created it. I think this is just brilliant, xoxo


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