Paint Party Friday

Time for Paint Party Friday! I don’t have a finished painting to show this week, but I’ve been working on this mixed media painting over collage. It still needs a lot of work and may end up being trashed but maybe I can salvage it. I don’t like the background so I know I will change that but haven’t decided yet just what I want to do with it. At least I got to paint a bit this week, so I’m happy about that.

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25 thoughts on “Paint Party Friday

    1. Mari

      The girl has much strength, I only setting the House which sits of Fund (can cover her with a very dark color to enhance the level first), but throw it NOT! It is your work mimala (You mustlove it). Abrazo

    1. Robin

      She’s quite lovely, I’m sure you’ll find the way with your background but definitely a piece that’s worth continuing with! ~Happy Paint Party Friday! #40 Robin Panzer Art Studio 33

  1. Faye

    Actually the colors in the background are complementary to those of your woman so I think the background goes beautifully. She is gorgeous, but I feel some emotion in her eyes that intimidates me. Faye

  2. anne

    Oh, don’t trash this! I think she’s beautiful! Let it sit for a bit and then try again with a fresher perspective. Sometimes these things take a long time.

    Happy PPF! Glad you did painting, too!

  3. Sheri Cook

    Set her aside and come back later. She is too interesting to trash. Take a break and come back to her later with fresh eyes and spirit. Happy PPF!
    Sheri Cook/Happy Horse Studio

  4. Daniele

    I am liking where it is going! Very interesting face. I agree with the others Sheri. Take a break and come back. I think she is fantastic!

  5. Carol

    She is most dynamic and background you can change ~ give it a rest and then revisit it ~ I think you might like it ~ ~ thanks, namaste, Carol (Share the Creative Journey) Happy PPF.

  6. Voie de Vie

    I agree with everyone – definitely don’t trash her! That hair is fabulous.

    But I hear and feel you – and that house and path are easily reworked into something more fitting for her presence. And she’s got lots of it!

  7. gloria

    Oh no, don’t throw it away. I’ve done that a few times and have regretted it. I like the way it looks. I like the little house the way it is. Perhaps the background could be darkened a little. Really a nice job. Happy Holidays!

  8. Carolyn Dube

    Save it! She is fabulous! The dark background really helps her pop- but I understand you’re not where you want to be with it. That happens to me too often. The ones that do work out I tend to love even more just because I know what that canvas and I went through together.

  9. Andrea

    I love the house in the background and her wonderful headress! Love the idea of your last few posts painting over magazine collages as well!


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