Twyla and the Dove

Here is the painting I’ve been working on this week, Twyla and the Dove. It scanned a little darker than true. It is mixed media over collage. The collage that I started with is shown below, in case you like to see how these things evolve. I changed the girl up quite a bit because frankly, the original model looked like she was spaced out on drugs or something. This one was fun to work on and the silliness of it cheered me up. I tried to keep it loose and not get caught up in the details like I tend to do. I’m posting a bit early for Paint Party Friday, since I will be gone most of tomorrow. Be sure to check out what the others have been up to this week!

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38 thoughts on “Twyla and the Dove

    1. admin Post author

      Thanks, Crystal! For some reason, I can’t seem to leave a comment on your blog this week. First, it kept redirecting me to a survey. Then, when I finally got there it just wouldn’t take my comment. Weird. Anyway, just wanted to say how cute the valentine boxes are!


  1. Debbie

    I would not have guessed this was a collage until I saw your earlier version. Very interesting to see your process. The end result is a very interesting, cohesive piece. I love the colors and dreamy feel.

  2. Daniele

    oh this is fab!!! I love what you’ve done. Thanks for showing the collage underneath too. I have yet to paint over a mag image, and I really want to. I am scared!

  3. JKW

    Thank you for showing the collage part. It is amazing to me that the picture turned out like it did — beautiful. Blessings, Janet PPF

  4. Robin

    I’m really thrilled that you showed the early stages of the collage work on this painting. I love your process and the end result is stunning! ~Happy Paint Party Friday #2 Robin Panzer Art Studio 33

  5. faye

    I really do like your finished version of the girl much better than the original. As you said, the original one looks a little out of it, for some reason. Gorgeous colors. Faye

  6. Voie de Vie

    Love, love, love that hair (even if it is home to a bird). Of course, I also love all of the folds in her blouse – that is talent.

    Nice to see you back to your paintbrushes.

  7. Kristin Dudish

    This is wonderful – I loooove seeing where the images start from! I so want to try this… I was given 8 boxes full of National Geographics and have been furiously tearing out images to someday hopefully collage… Someday…

    Thank you for providing such beautiful inspiration!



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