Ah, art journaling

How I’ve missed it. I love that it doesn’t have to look finished or good or anything but how it looks. I love going back throughout the day and adding bits and pieces of things and (possibly incoherent) little thoughts. I love that the silly frog I drew on a torn envelope can find a safe home and not be tossed out. It’s my security blanket, my coloring book and sometimes my secret diary.

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5 thoughts on “Ah, art journaling

  1. Satina

    Oh this is precious! Love how eclectic it is (frog on junkmail! I’m collecting those inside patterns now…never realized just now many variations there are!) and yet it all comes together. Junk journal done right, the way I want mine to look. Have FUN in your class!

  2. Caatje

    First of all: this is a wonderful spread. The toad/frog is fantastic and the whole spread makes me smile.
    Second: thanks so much for pointing out that the link on my blog to the book review for Twyla Tharp didn’t work. I’ve fixed it now, so if you still want to read it, you can. 😉

  3. Kristin Dudish

    I loooove this, Melisa! I agree about being able to put all sorts of random bits into a sketchbook/art journal – I think it makes them sooo much more interesting that way 🙂

    The words on your page are speaking to me today – I need more “focus”… it’s time for me to stop “hopping” around (easier said than done!)

    I can’t wait to hear more about your art school adventures!



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