Remember who you are

I’ve been using my word of the year – strive. I wanted to sketch something before bed but the house was dark and I couldn’t think of anything interesting to sketch. I thought maybe a quick self portrait to practice faces. For me, if I’m trying to get a likeness, portraits are not quick and easy. But I remembered my word. I grabbed 2 colored pencils so I couldn’t erase and knitpick like I usually do and just went for it. I didn’t have a mirror so I used the front facing camera on my 7″ tablet and drew straight from the screen. The likeness isn’t perfect but it’s much better than I expected for a quick one-go sketch. I was proud of myself for making that effort and not finding something easier so into my journal it went. I saw the quote on Design Dreams by Anne and knew I wanted a copy of it in my journal so I would remember it. I’m entering this spread as my submission for the Artists in Blogland soul challenge.

This spread was fun to do because it started with a page from a catalog. It was a pile of cardigans. If you look closely, you can still see the buttons and text. I just liked the curvy lines so I pasted it in and colored over it with inktense pencils. I thought it looked like a strange landscape so I painted in a few clouds and waves and a little person standing on an outcrop.


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14 thoughts on “Remember who you are

  1. Voie de Vie

    I love them both! Great color on the bottom one; you are very brave with the self-portrait. Creating faces still scares me a little, although I’m getting better since I’ve been sketching very rudimentary ones as part of the design submission process. 🙂

  2. Jenny Petricek

    Hi there! I just joined the Just Journals challenge, and am pleased to meet you! I’m looking forward to seeing more of your art on this blog and on the challenge page!

    The portrait is lovely. Simple, elegant, and honest. I am just starting to add self-portraits to my art; I figure my journal is as good a place as any to do it. I don’t have any formal art training and have never been very confident with my drawing. Seeing portraits like yours is very inspiring!

  3. Tracy

    Beautiful sketch,stunning!!
    Love your work truly inspiring.
    I am a complete newbie at journaling and just joined Just Journals link party.
    Can`t wait to see more of your art.

  4. Stephanie Corder

    Your self portrait is GREAT! I love that you used “un-erasable” media to keep yourself from nit picking too much, I’ve been doing canvases the same way!
    Also, I LOVE the way you used the cardigans as the base for your art- so clever! Also all the words and your little figure are AWESOME!


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