29 Faces day 4

Day 4 of the 29 Faces challenge had to be a quickie so it’s a stone face on my new 5″x7″ watercolor sketch block. I used a Staedtler Mars graphic 3000 duo marker and a wet brush. I didn’t have time to wait for it to dry to scan it so you get a photo in bad lighting. The paper really is a yellowish cream color, though. The color of the pen is Hooker’s Green but if you ask me, it’s blue.  I love these pens and want one in every color!

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7 thoughts on “29 Faces day 4

  1. Carin

    Yep, definitely blue!

    Love the stone face too. Have been looking at the faces you’ve done so far and love that you have varied mediums and techniques so much.

    You have a lovely blog here. Now following you in a reader 🙂


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