29 Faces day 5

Hey, PPFers! I put the wrong link in the party. I meant to link you to this page in my journal, not this face. This face was my least favorite painting of the week! Ick! Please go look at the proper one and ignore this one.


Another quickie for the 29 Faces challenge. I should have more time for tomorrow’s. This is another Mars Duo pen and water, this one in black.

Oh, I almost forgot it is also time for Sunday Sketches!

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24 thoughts on “29 Faces day 5

  1. EVA

    Lovely! She really does look like an ancient Greek or Roman statue.

    Thank you for all the comments and great advice Melisa. I wasn’t trying to match the wall/room as much complement it. I’m finding the background harder than expected! Raw sienna – great! I will find that one and add it to her hair and eyebrows. Thanks!


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