29 Faces day 6

For day 6 of the 29 Faces Challenge I had  more time and wanted to work on an upturned face because I find them so much more difficult. It isn’t quite right, but I’m happy with it. DS says the nose is off but I’m tired of redrawing it so we’ll just say she ran into a pole when she was a kid, like my dear hubby. 😀 This one is a digital “from scratch” drawing in a program I just installed called Mypaint. It’s free and has lots of cool brushes and the ability to customize your own. There are different papers you can choose, with diffferent textures, but I forgot about that until I was half finished, LOL. This is the first time I’ve used it so I don’t know how to use all that fancy stuff yet and stuck with the pencil, finger smudge and soft eraser. I think I’m going to have fun playing with this! I’m running Linux but I’m pretty sure this is available for Windows, too.  I recommend it!

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15 thoughts on “29 Faces day 6

  1. Geri

    Lovely faces all of them…and all so different. I have never heard of the program My Paint and will have a look. I use Photoshop, Corel Painter or my iPad, but always up for trying new programs!

  2. Lizzy Love♥

    Looks beautiful! I recently installed sketchbook pro on my IPad2 but have yet to play around with it, soon hopefully


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