29 Faces day 7, a journal page

Yesterday I went for realism so today I went simple and cartoony. This guy needed to go in my journal. He had something to say. You can click the image for a larger version but if you still can’t see the words on the right page they say, “I’ve never heard you tell the world a thing” and “can you hear me.”

I’ve drawn or painted every day this week (yay!) but this is probably my favorite painted project this week so I’ll use it for this week’s Paint Party Friday.

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14 thoughts on “29 Faces day 7, a journal page

  1. Satina

    This is so powerful! I’m amazed at the way you’ve used simple images to create something that ends up so deep. It really touches me. I actually have tears in my eyes. The magic of imagery. Wow.

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  3. Annabelle

    Sometimes I feel the same…who doesn’t ? Like I said on Pam’s blog, the right chemistry of words and imagery makes for a powerful art work. Beautifully done.


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