29 Faces day 8

For day 8 of the 29 Faces challenge, I played with the Mypaint program again. This time I tried paint instead of pencil. Obviously, I didn’t finish, but it’s a face. I call it The Pout. I put those colored splotches on the left because they are some of the colors I was using. If I put them right there on the image, I can easily grab them while painting and I can erase them when I am finished.

Oops! I just noticed that I forgot to put the 29 Faces tag on yesterday’s post so it wasn’t showing from the challenge link. It should show up now.


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6 thoughts on “29 Faces day 8

    1. admin Post author

      Carol, I was just over at your blog admiring your faces. I love the redhead on the turquoise background! Unfortunately, your blog is one of the blogger ones that won’t let me leave a comment. Just wanted you to know I had visited.


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