29 Faces day 13

I had Carla’s January and February sidewalk crack photos sitting here on my desk, waiting for some attention. I decided to try to find a face in one of them for today’s 29 Faces challenge image. I usually spot animals but sometimes it’s faces. This is who I found hiding in the January one. If you want to see what you can find in the cracks, just sign up for the newsletter on Carla’s blog and she’ll send you a sidewalk crack photo each month.

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10 thoughts on “29 Faces day 13

  1. Faye

    Amazing! Love how you found a cartoon face right there in the cracks. Beautiful job. I have a friend who finds hearts in everything – rocks, clouds, tree trunks, etc.

  2. Alicia A

    what a great idea!! it’s the most fun sport, and old as time – how many faces can we find on anything from old engine parts to cracks on sidewalks.

  3. Angelia

    Oooooo…..I like this one a lot! I really like the “cracked sidewalk” idea, and you’ve done a great job with this one!


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