Journal Spread

Don’t you love my snazzy, thought provoking blog titles? I never seem to get any better at them, LOL. Here’s yesterday’s journal spread, featuring my face from Tuesday. The flying fish is a stamp I carved ages ago and still love. The black and white paper on that side is the scrap paper I used as a cover sheet when making some crayon batik paper recently. The cover sheets came out as interesting as the actual batik paper, so I kept it. Not that I ever throw anything away. The black tag under the face is from my winter coat and I just ran some white out tape over it so I could write on it with black. I liked it because it is thick with a nice satin finish. The patterned paper under it is from a security envelope from the junk mail pile. The little black birds were a bit of cardboard that I cut out and stuck to the end of a pen so I could stamp it a few times. So, more than you really wanted to know, huh? 😀

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