Monthly Archives: May 2012

Cabin for Sunday Sketches

Just one big sketch to show for Sunday Sketches this week. It’s not my usual kind of subject but it was an assignment. The darkest values are meant to make a C shaped composition, from the tree branches, down the tree trunk, around the grasses in front and up along the grass line at the bottom of the fence, leading to the old cabin. Graphite; HB, 6B, and a Generals Extra Dark.

Pink Flamingos for PPF

My word for this year is strive and I think I need to be doing a little more of that. I was determined to at least start a painting this week. Not in my journal or  in a sketchbook, but on canvas. One of the photos (courtesy of mbeckett)  for the WDE over at was pink flamingos and I was enticed by their gracefully curving necks. I’m almost finished. Maybe a bit more work in the background and I have to paint the edges since it is a gallery wrapped canvas. This is 20″ by 10″, oils. Which means I can play along with Paint Party Friday this week! I’ve been missing the party too much, lately.

Happy Paint Party Friday!

At least, I’m happy, because I finally have a painting to show! Just a quickie giraffe in pastel. I couldn’t resist his funny face. I was happy with it until I sprayed it to keep it from smearing. I obviously didn’t use the same product I used to use on pastels because this one ruined it. It made all the colors go gray like a gray mist was sprayed on it. And that was one very light coat! I added some more dark, over the top of it, to the eyes because it was the worst there. I really need to go over the whole thing with more pastel to bring the color back up, but I probably won’t since he wasn’t for framing. I’ll let him sit around a few days and see if I feel inclined to work on it some more. Oh, the product I used was Krylon UV Protectant varnish, matte, from the fine art section. And it was pricey! If you have some and haven’t used it, don’t until you try it on something that isn’t important! I’m very happy  to be back at Paint Party Friday this week!

Owls, paper and fabric

Let’s just forget about the fact that I was supposed to be participating in Sketch every day in May, since I’d already forgotten and haven’t been sketching, and focus on what I’ve been stitching, instead. I’ve been hand stitching these little owls in the evenings. I’ve done 4 so far but gave one to a special friend to keep her company. I drew up a pattern, which I’ll share here when I’ve had time to add some instructions to it. I’m thinking I may make a few more and hang them from a ribbon, as a banner. These little guys inspired a journal page today, too. It’s been too quiet around here. What have all of you been working on? I want to see!

Sketch every day in May

Are you joining in Sketch every day in May? I don’t know if I’ll get them all done, but I plan to do what I can. There’s a list of what to sketch each day. #1 is a landscape and #2 is something that represents a new year’s resolution of yours (mine is to paint more). Here’s my first 2. I’ll probably scan and upload a few at a time, rather than one every day, because that part of it takes so long.