Owls, paper and fabric

Let’s just forget about the fact that I was supposed to be participating in Sketch every day in May, since I’d already forgotten and haven’t been sketching, and focus on what I’ve been stitching, instead. I’ve been hand stitching these little owls in the evenings. I’ve done 4 so far but gave one to a special friend to keep her company. I drew up a pattern, which I’ll share here when I’ve had time to add some instructions to it. I’m thinking I may make a few more and hang them from a ribbon, as a banner. These little guys inspired a journal page today, too. It’s been too quiet around here. What have all of you been working on? I want to see!

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7 thoughts on “Owls, paper and fabric

  1. Annette

    Your Owls reminded me of this poem from a few years ago that was nesting in the eves of an old railroad station

    The Owl

    Who do you think you’re fooling,
    With your ceramic owl?
    He never moves a feather,
    He never makes a sound.
    Just because we’re pigeons
    Doesn’t mean we are bird brains.
    We will not be deceived.
    We don’t believe your fake.
    We’ll keep nesting ‘neath your eves
    As we have done for years.
    But we did enjoy your joke,
    Now we can tell the kids
    You do what we tell you or
    That “bird” will have your head.

    Annette Conner (Agnello) January 10, 1995

    1. admin Post author

      LOL, I love that! My mom used to have one of those fake owls for her garden. It really wasn’t very convincing.

  2. Melisa Waldorf

    So sorry if this is a repeat. I’m not sure my first comment went through:

    I have met another Melisa before but you are right, it is an unusual name. I bet you have the same problem as I with people calling you Melissa.

    Love you sketches and those stitched owls are so cute. LOVE your journal page. I’m fairly new to art journaling. Have you taken any online mixed media classes by Christy Tomlison or Roben-Marie Smith??

    1. admin Post author

      No, I haven’t taken any classes by either of them. I don’t recognize the names. I’ll have to look them up. I love finding new mixed media blogs.


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