Cabin for Sunday Sketches

Just one big sketch to show for Sunday Sketches this week. It’s not my usual kind of subject but it was an assignment. The darkest values are meant to make a C shaped composition, from the tree branches, down the tree trunk, around the grasses in front and up along the grass line at the bottom of the fence, leading to the old cabin. Graphite; HB, 6B, and a Generals Extra Dark.

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8 thoughts on “Cabin for Sunday Sketches

  1. Sunny Carvalho

    Hi, Melisa! I love the cabin sketch. I try to do what I call “morning drawing” on the weekends to enhance my skills.

    Thanks for the comment on my blog. Not to worry, I will always keep the blog updated. It just seems that FB has become a great tool for me in many ways! My stupid internet makes it so hard to post on the blog but it’s quick and easy on FB.

    Hope to see you on both!! xoxo

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Sunny! I love your blog and I love your style. Facebook…not really loving FB, but I need it for long distance family. Do you still use your Etsy shop? The link on your blog isn’t active.

  2. Sunny Carvalho

    Hmmmm…I will have to check that out! I sold multiple new things just this week in the Etsy shop. I wonder why the link is inactive….! Thanks for letting me know! I don’t always love FB either but it is a marvelous tool for keeping up with people who are interested in your art. I will always keep the blog active though for the very reason that you addressed: not everyone loves FB!! Keep up the beautiful work and check in from time to time. It reminds me to come to your blog, as well! xoxoxo


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