I know I said I’d be showing a watercolor for this week’s Paint Party Friday and I did do one, but it’s a boring one so I’m showing this work in progress instead. Sorry for the glare. It’s oils and still wet. This still has a long way to go but I’ll have to set it aside for a few days to dry before I can do more. The trumpet and the shirt are just roughed in. I think some of those wrinkles in the shirt are taking attention away from the center of interest, so I’ll probably lose some of them. This little canvas is only 8″x10″ so I’m trying to keep the background simple.

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30 thoughts on “WIP for PPF

  1. pointypix

    this looks well on the way to being complete to me – the trumpet is only roughed in?? wow, it looks very detailed already! The slow drying time is what puts me off using oils but I do love the effect when the painting is finally finished. This is a great piece and I love the composition.

  2. carlarey

    This is fantastic! It looks great to me right now, but I will take your word that it still needs some work. Can’t wait to see it finished.

  3. Alicia

    this is absolutely fabulous!!! I really really really admire the masterful rendering of hands in a complicated pose! The face with the poochy cheeks as well – thanks for this!

  4. Voie de Vie

    I love this! You know, I really like the shirt – it’s the background I might want to tinker with. Of course, that’s the beauty of art!

    Can’t wait to see it finished.

  5. JKW

    Amazing work. I agree with the wrinkles. My daughter hates oils for that reason (the wait) but they look wonderful. I look forward to seeing the picture as it progresses. Blessings, Janet PPF


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