Scrabble Tile Coaster

I did a major desk cleanup a couple of days ago and decided I needed 2 things. Something to hide the huge hole in the back of the armoir desk and all the wires that go through it, and a new coaster. I stopped and covered a piece of foam core I had with some batting and the only fabric piece I had here that was large enough. Much better! My old coaster was a plastic cd case that just happened to be sitting there and got pressed into use for several years. I dumped out my bag of thrift store scrabble tiles and came up with something I liked (no offense to my Windows and Mac using friends!) and glued them to a piece of cork, then sprayed it with varnish.  I love it when I already have everything I need to finish a project.

Shared at the DIY Project Parade and Transformation Thursday and Fine Craft Guild.


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