Sunday Sketches

Time for Sunday Sketches! Well, just one sketch. I went out with my ballpoint pen and sketchbook just long enough to sketch one of the flowers on my hibiscus. It was too hot to stay out any longer than that. All my other plants are just withering up in the heat but the hibiscus doesn’t mind it and keeps right on blooming.

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21 thoughts on “Sunday Sketches

  1. h

    beautiful i love the close up sketch.
    hibiscus always remind me of FLorida….nothing is growing in our heat either, my hydrangea are all burned to a crisp!
    enjoy ….stay cool!

  2. FranT

    I can’t believe you braved that heat and went out to sketch, you are amazing. I lost all my petunias:( Yes my hibiscus loves this weather too:)) We need a break! Terrific sketch, and keep cool!

  3. Alicia

    I love seeing something generally as colourful as a flower rendered in pencil line black and white!

  4. Tracey Fletcher King

    I love hibiscus and i drive past a house every day that has a front yard full of them… it is a riot of colour… hope you get the chance to add some colour to this … mind you it is pretty gorgeous as it is…xx

  5. B @ Sweet Limes

    Thanks for your darling comment on my latest painting. 😀

    I can’t believe you can sketch like that with a ball point. I’m always so nervous starting with something permanent, obviously I need to get over that.


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