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Centsational Girl and a few of her DIY blogging buddies are hosting a Pinterest Challenge and today is show off day. You simply choose something you have pinned and stop procrastinating and get it done!  They gaveeveryone one week to get this accomplished. I had several different styles of book page wreaths pinned and knew I wanted one but hadn’t decided which style.  Here is the pin that I chose from my boards. And here is the tutorial for making it. I used a straw wreath instead of styrofoam (it was half the price) and  glued some strips of pages around it to keep it from shedding. I rolled paper flowers for 3 days but I had caught some king of bug and didn’t feel like doing anything else, anyway. This was a perfect project to work on while not feeling well. I listened to audio books and cut and glued. I used 4 different books to get a variety of color. The darkest of the pages are from a 1938 encyclopedia that I rescued from an old store that has been on my families property since my grandparents were a young couple. The owner was a family friend and lived in the store. The old building has since fallen in. I’ve heard many stories about Mr. Bell and the store so the pages have some sentimental value for my family. I really love the finished wreath! If it wasn’t for the challenge, I’d still be just thinking about someday making one instead of trying to decide where to hang my new pretty. I think it will go in the bedroom and maybe it will get a pretty bow or fabric hanger.

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4 thoughts on “The Pinterest Challenge Project

  1. Voie de Vie

    *Very* cool! I’d be all over a fabric hanger – maybe dupioni silk?

    And do feel better. You definitely seem to have had a bad run of it this year. Here’s to hoping you have a better second half of the year.

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  3. Jeannie Marie

    This turned out so nice! I really loved it. I’m bookmarking it for my next illness! Good for you to use the time wisely by listening to audio books. Saw you at The Shabby Creek Cottage party.


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