La Melancolique

Bulgaria was the country for my Diary of Faces this week.  I chose to paint a crop La Melancolique, 1909, by Jules Pascin. Pascin suffered from depression and commited suicide at the age of 45 after a series of unfavorable reviews. A sad reminder that we should love what we create but not worry too much about what other people think of it. Do not let others judge your worth as an artist, or as anything else.

Sharing with my friends at Paint Party Friday.

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20 thoughts on “La Melancolique

  1. Faye

    Beautifully done, Melisa. That’s an important lesson. I tend to want to please others more than myself. But really, art is different for every viewer and we shouldn’t fret if others don’t particularly like what we have made (even if they are family members).

  2. Mo'a

    I am so happy that I found your blog. I am clumsy with ning…better with blogs. Thank you for all your encouragement. I am so new to painting…I am enjoying this new challenge.
    I love your work…you have wonderful abilities. I look forward to seeing more of your work.

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Mo’a! I’m happy to have you visit! I find Ning difficult to use, too. I wouldn’t have guessed you are new to painting. You’re doing a great job with the portraits. I’m enjoying it a lot, too. It gets me painting and not just thinking about painting. 🙂

  3. annie!

    I’ve always marched to the beat of a different drummer and love that many artists do. I find that when I make art to please myself…it’s the best ever! Your portrait is beautiful.


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