2 New Diary Portraits

I did 2 new portraits in my Diary of Faces this week.The first is my version of Swiss artist Ferdinand Hodler’s (1853 – 1918) An Italian Woman. I loved the colors in this one.

Then I tried a cropped version of South African artist Irma Stern’s Portrait of a Girl Eating Grapes, 1933. This one really needs a little more work but I’m out of painting time for the week so she got signed anyway. I’m really loving working in my Diary of Faces. The pages are sticking a bit so I’ve ordered some Dorland’s wax to see if that will help. I tried a spray on matte finish varnish but it didn’t seem to help much.

Sharing with the Paint Party Friday gang tomorrow. 🙂

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16 thoughts on “2 New Diary Portraits

  1. minnemie

    Ahhh, both are beautiful. The colors on the first is very striking and effective indeed, and the 2nd one close to my heart, given the origin of home-country. You did a marvelous job!

  2. Faye

    Melisa, I hope you solve the sticking pages problem. These two portraits are just too gorgeous to risk damage to them. You do such beautiful portraits.

  3. Pauline Leger

    i love both of these – but the 2nd one speaks to me more profoundly for some reason… i love how little detail you have and her hair is fabulous too… wonderful work! xox

  4. Jen

    Your portraits are fabulous! I love both of them. I agree, the colors in the first one really add interest. I love the expression both of your paintings have too. Beautiful!

  5. Natasha

    Fabulous. I love both of them. Really love the hair in both. Gorgeous brush work. And the colours in the first one are stunning. Both are beauteous.

  6. carlarey

    Two more great portraits. I especially love the expression on the girl’s face in the second one. At first I thought she looked defiant, but after studying her face again, I think she is sort of lost in thought, very intense thought.

  7. Anonymous

    Would pages of parchment paper help? Just a thought. I really like your women – rich in color and expression!


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