Monthly Archives: September 2012

An old skiff for PPF

I’m still practicing with watercolor a bit. Still struggling. Still striving to make some improvement. It is just so…different. I have to shift my brain out of oil mode or acrylic mode and into watercolor mode.  And it takes more planning. This old skiff is my latest attempt. As a whole, I’m not crazy about it, but there are little pieces here and there that I like. Sharing with my friends at Paint Party Friday.

Girl in a Striped Scarf.

Happy Paint Party Friday, everyone! Here is my Girl in a Striped Scarf after Australian artist George James Coates (1869-1930). I had the hardest time with the mouth on this one. It’s at an angle and I kept losing that as I painted it. And it kept gettng bigger and bigger until I finally had to paint white over the mouth and start it again.  I love the stripes!

Good Riddance Isaac

Oops, I almost forgot to post for Paint Party Friday! I hope it’s not too late. I didn’t get to play along last week because we had no electricity, phones, cell service or even decent daylight for 4 days, due to Hurricane Isaac. Which apparently wasn’t a hurricane after all but still caused some major flooding around here. Our home came through safely, though. I couldn’t paint because it was so dark. It was soooo boring! But I shouldn’t complain because we came through this one with no damage at all. I spent Saturday painting.  This is my version of Lady with a Red Hat – Portrait of Vita Sackville-West by Bristish/Scottish artist William Strang (1859-1921).  It was good to paint with these bright colors after such a dismal week. It really brightened my spirits. Hope you like it!