An old skiff for PPF

I’m still practicing with watercolor a bit. Still struggling. Still striving to make some improvement. It is just so…different. I have to shift my brain out of oil mode or acrylic mode and into watercolor mode.  And it takes more planning. This old skiff is my latest attempt. As a whole, I’m not crazy about it, but there are little pieces here and there that I like. Sharing with my friends at Paint Party Friday.

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22 thoughts on “An old skiff for PPF

  1. carlarey

    Ahh, watercolor, such a fickle friend, some days you are besties forever and some days you can’t stand each other. It’s a lot like 7th grade.

    I think this is really good, but I know that feeling of having some parts you love and some you wish you could do over.


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