I love these antique trucks

RetiredI love antique cars and trucks. They just have so much personality. This old farm truck really caught my eye and I wanted to paint it, immediately. Robert Reid from Paint My Photo generously provided the reference photo. It is oil on 6×6 museum quality Gessoboard. I should probably have painted it a little larger, as some of the details were pretty small at this size. I had to buy a couple of smaller brushes. 🙂 I really enjoyed finding the variety of reds, purples, oranges and pinks in the old red paint.

Retired is available at http://www.dailypaintworks.com/fineart/melisa-mccurley/retired/117516   Close-ups may be seen there, as well.

I had another new painting I planned to show for Paint Party Friday, but I noticed something I’d like to change when I was about to photograph it.  That one will have to wait for next week.



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22 thoughts on “I love these antique trucks

  1. Tracey Fletcher King

    old cars have such a seductive shape to paint… and the colours in beaten up old paint are always fascinating… I found this old kettle in a shop the other day and almost bought it just to paint it…
    I love this painting… the perspective is great!!!

  2. marji

    Beautifully rendered! The colors, the detail and the perspective are great. I love that you had to go buy new brushes to finish this one. Shows your passion!

  3. Belinda

    Oh! Love those too! I always want to stop on the side of the road when I see one so that I can take a picture! Lovely painting!! Thank you for sharing!

  4. Nic McLean

    This is wonderful – I agree that these old cars and trucks have so much more character than many of the modern vehicles we drive around in nowadays – I always loved the big old American cars from the 50s especially and dream of doing a road trip in one someday! This is a brilliant painting and I love the title!

  5. Debbie Smith

    Great job! The colors and composition are really well done. This reminds me of an old truck my Dad had, and that we actually used. It wasn’t very easy to steer, lol!

  6. JKW

    I love old cars/trucks. This is a really great painting. It would be great if you went to the Barrett-Jackson auction and painted some of the old cars. . . just thinking out loud. Blessings, Janet PPF


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