Virtual Paintout in Valparaiso, Chile

On Alamo St.I’ve always wanted to participate in the Virtual Paintout, so this month I did. The location for February is Valparaiso, Chili. This colorful house on Alamo St. caught my eye. I used my artistic license to make a few changes, like replacing the bleach bottle and plastic bag  with a flowering plant. :)  You can see the view I painted from here.  I enjoyed virtually walking the streets of Valparaiso. There were colorful houses, wandering dogs, and lots of graffiti. I’m already looking forward to next month’s location.

On Alamo St. is 6″x6″ on museum quality gessoboard. It may be framed or displayed as is on a small easel. It is available at Dailypaintworks.

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3 thoughts on “Virtual Paintout in Valparaiso, Chile

  1. Cat Beringer

    I tried to do this virtual paint out, but google maps was making me dizzy! Looks like you found just the right spot though! You captured the feel of the place, even if you dressed it up a little.

    1. admin Post author

      Cat, google maps makes me dizzy, too. I have to close my eyes each time I move forward or I get motion sickness! I’ve started another one but don’t know if I’ll be home enough to finish it on time. I just need one day to be home and paint on it but life keeps happening. 🙂


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