Monthly Archives: March 2013

Pupoju Road


I haven’t gotten to paint much this week but I did do another 6×6 oil on panel for this month’s Virtual Paintout. I’m not crazy about it but I keep telling myself I need to practice landscapes so this was good practice. It’s not so bad, I guess, but I just couldn’t match the picture in my head with this one. I found this little spot on Pupoju Road in Vilnuis, Lithuania. Can’t wait to see where we go for April. Happy Paint Party Friday!

ETA: After some distance from working on this, I’ve decided I like it after all. It’s funny how they seem to change after you stop looking at them for a while! Now I can appreciate it for the painting it is, whether it matches that vision in my head or not.




The March location for the Virtual Paintout is Vilnius, Lithuania. It was rainy or overcast over much of Vilnius when the Google Street View car came through so when I finally spotted this building with dappled sunlight and the twin tree, I decided that would be my subject. I toned my panel with Cad Red Dark, just for fun. Here’s a progress shot (below) showing the red background I started with. I didn’t wait for the red to dry, since that takes days here, but just went at it with thicker paint from the beginning. I liked the effect of the red under tone on the finished painting.

vilniusWIP This painting will be available soon in my Daily Paintworks gallery.