The Yellow Hat

yellow hat

For this month’s Virtual Paintout I wandered the streets of Detroit. I saw lots of derelict buildings. Lots. Sometimes, those can be good subjects for painting but these were mostly very large buildings that I didn’t think would work well for the small format I wanted to do this month. And the sheer number of them made me a little sad. I was beginning to think I might just skip this month’s paintout. Finally, I spotted a yellow hat. A yellow hat in front of a pink building. On a figure in an interesting pose. A figure who would fit perfectly on a little 5×7 panel. Done!

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14 thoughts on “The Yellow Hat

  1. Faye Hoover

    Looks like you found a spot that wasn’t too run down to make a very nice painting. I really like the way you captured the guy in the yellow hat.

  2. Anonymous

    Well spotted, You certainly have a ‘good eye’ This is a wonderful painting with great colour and composition HPPF

  3. Lynn Cohen

    Wondering did you take a photo and work from that or did your subject stay put long enough to draw on the spot!? Beautifully executed either way! Wow!

    1. admin Post author

      Thanks, Lynn! For the Virtual Paintout, we paint from Google Street Maps of the area we are focusing on, so it is like painting from a bad photo. This guy got captured by the Google car as it passed. He’d have to stand still a looooong time for me to paint him, LOL. I’m just not very fast.

  4. Rock Kyndl

    I was dropping pins into street view, looking around for more subject matter in Detroit and-by sheer chance-I saw this person you have so attractively painted…yellow hat and all!
    If it is the same person, you had to zoom in pretty hard to get your composition(!)
    Nice work.


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