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I’m Not Lost

I'm Not Lost

I’m sure this man is checking his email or checking his contacts for a phone number. He isn’t using Google maps. I’m sure he isn’t lost and even more sure that he will not be asking anyone for directions. I noticed him during my wanderings through Iceland for this month’s Virtual Paintout. He is currently on auction with a starting bid of $30. Well, the painting is, not the man.

I was accepted into Julia Kay’s Portrait Party and it has been so much fun picking out people to draw or paint and seeing the drawings that others do of me. I’ve only uploaded a couple of drawings so far but I’ve almost finished up a small painting and will be adding that, soon. I had to make a Flickr account to join, since i had inadvertently deleted my old one when I deleted my old yahoo groups account. I don’t like Flickr’s changes since i used it last! It will take some getting used to. LInking to my friends at  Paint Party Friday.



Love these frames


I went to the Three Rivers Art Festival in Covington, LA this weekend. The weather was beautiful and there was lots of great art to see. I bought a couple of frames from Bergeron Woodworks. He makes them from reclaimed wood found in and around the New Orleans area. I’m auditioning this one for The Yellow Hat painting. He also has cute little boxes made from the reclaimed wood. 

I found a heart in my kitchen!


I took this apple out of my fruit bowl yesterday because it had a small round spot on it. I left it on the counter but never got back to it to do anything with it and look what I found this morning. The bruise had turned into a heart! Couldn’t resist snapping a photo with my phone.


Time was getting away from me again.

How did so much time fly by without painting? I don’t know, but I don’t like it. The new Virtual Paintout location for this month is Iceland and I’ve found a couple of scenes that I intend to paint. I was not inspired by last month’s location of Lima, Peru and just wandered around aimlessly for most of the month before giving up. Some of that may have been me not being in the mood to start something new yet. Hopefully, I’ll get to that easel this month and get some painting done! I see that I forgot to post my painting from the Isle of Wight location. You can see it on my Facebook page.

I signed up for Julia Kay’s Portrait Party because I’ve been longing to work more on portraits but finding subjects isn’t easy. It can take over a month for new requests to be reviewed and accepted so I’ll have to be patient. It’s something to look forward to! The only caveat is that you have to also provide a photo of yourself for the rest of the group to paint. Ugh. Oh well, it’s only fair. I hope I get in soonish.