Monthly Archives: February 2014

On the Rocks

rockswaterwebI am so ready for spring! I enjoyed painting this water but thinking about dipping my toes in made me shiver. This is 8×10, oil on gessoboard panel. You can see it larger, and even buy it if interested, here. And that would be great because I badly need some new paintbrushes, LOL. Hope you like it!

If I can’t have sunshine, I’ll have red tulips.

redtulipswebIt’s been cold and gray and wet. I’ve been working on some paintings for a workshop I’m taking that have not been to my taste or style. All dark backgrounds and chiaroscuro effect still lifes. It was getting me down a bit. I decided I needed to paint something small and bright and cheerful to get out of my funk. This is the way I like my tulips best, not standing straight and tight like regimented soldiers but open and blowzy and bright. I feel better now. 🙂  You can see close-ups or buy it at Daily Paintworks. 6×6 oil on panel.

February already? A new sketchbook.



I hadn’t come to terms with it being January 2014 yet and here is February.  The weather has been a little crazy lately and the cold and dark is making me moody and lethargic. I decided to paint something small and colorful to cheer myself up so on Thursday I started some red tulips. Very colorful and cheerful! But then on Friday I came down with a stomach virus, courtesy of my son, and didn’t get to finish it. Hopefully, today or tomorrow I’ll be up to it.

I started a new sketchbook, made by the hand book co. The paper is good. I can work on both sides with watercolor without show through or buckling. My dark water soluble markers show through a little. No bleed-through but you can see them. It opens flat and stays open. The paper is buff instead of white so I’ll have to get used to that but overall, I like it. That head is kinda creepy but I like the hand.