Summer Art Camp 1 Liners

It’s back to school time here and also time for me to get back to my poor neglected blog. I was very lucky last week and won a spot at Carla Sonheim’s online Summer Art Camp! Anyone who knows Carla knows that means a fun time. Camp had already started when I won so I’m a little behind but doing what I can, when I can. Today, I’ll be painting a monster with Karine Swenson, who is absolutely delightful. If it turns out cute, I may give it away here, so stay tuned. I’ll probably post him Friday. Here are a few one line flowers I did for one of the warm-up exercises. I always forget how much I love one liners. I’m supposed to color these but I think I prefer them in black and white this time.

floral1floral2 floral3I did finish a little 6×6 for the Virtual Paintout last month and just need to get it uploaded. Greece was a beautiful virtual visit and this month we are at Kinmen Island.

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1 thought on “Summer Art Camp 1 Liners

  1. Voie de Vie

    Hey there, you! I really like these one-liners; I wouldn’t color them either. I’ll be looking forward to seeing your summer camp art production – congrats on winning a spot.

    I am always intrigued about your Virtual Paintout pieces – maybe I’ll check the site out. 🙂


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