Win a Monster!

ETA: And using, the winner is kippiann!

Summer Art Camp this week had us painting monsters with Karine Swenson. Karine is delightful and I really enjoyed painting my little monster. My model is a tiny little 1″ troll (not counting his huge hair!) that I got from a gumball machine years ago. Would you like to win the painting? Leave one comment saying you want to win and anything else you’d like to say and be sure to fill out the email address part of the comment form. Your email won’t show up here; only I will see it. Comments will count toward the drawing til Monday at midnight. I’ll do a random drawing sometime next week for the winner. US only, so I can afford the shipping, cuz I’m a starving artist, LOL. The painting is 5×7, oil on canvas panel. Happy Paint Party Friday!

beach troll

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10 thoughts on “Win a Monster!

  1. Ir

    WOW! He’s gorgeous!!! I think everybody needs a little monster like that in it’s live, and as I do not have one yet 😉 Thank you so much for sharing – Happy PPF – Irma

  2. Anonymous

    Oh my goodness…my adult daughter would freak about this painting. She divorced Barbies and collected trolls…they were all set up in her Barbie house! She had 75 or more trolls…. She even has a Christmas troll top her tree every year! I can’t win because I’m Canadian…but I sure would love to!

    Gorgeous work…very generous!

    Hugs Giggles

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  4. kippiann

    Thank you! I’m so excited. My week has consisted of bad news so this is a definite counter balance. I adore this painting.


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