She needs a name

My newest little portrait needs a name. Not a name for the model (her name is Emily) but a name for the painting itself that speaks of the emotions, thoughts or mood it evokes. At least, I HOPE it evokes something. To me, she looks a little sad or frightened but also defiant. Pensive, maybe. What do you think?

emily_small This was an experiment with a very limited palette, only 3 colors. I think this helped create the mood. She is 6×12 oil on gesso board. Happy Paint Party Friday!

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9 thoughts on “She needs a name

  1. Faye

    The portrait is gorgeous. The word “longing” came to my mind, but I am the world’s worst at naming paintings, so I don’t name mine usually.

  2. Erika N

    Wow, I thought she was a photo at first. Gorgeous work.She looks deep in thought to me.And totally unrelated, but she looks like a Penny to me. Has nothing to do with her expression though.

  3. denthe

    only 3 colours!? Wow, you did great! This is a beautiful portrait. “longing” seems like a great name for it! I often look at songlines to name my paintings. I have a whole list of possible titles, and whenever I finish a painting I search through that list until something jumps out to me and I know that that’s the perfect title…

  4. Nora Clemens-Gallo

    Gorgeous painting. She looks very “pensativa” (in can’t think of the word in english) if she was thinking of her past with doubts on he mind.

    Have a great day!


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