Monthly Archives: September 2017

Some new ATCs

Illustrated ATCshad a monster challenge this week; 5 monsters in 5 days. These are the Skully Plays Dress-up ATCs I drew for the challenge. Colored pencil. The blue background ones are available for trade on iATC but I may keep the other two. Skully amuses me. He’s such a good sport, willing to wear whatever outfit I come up with for him. 🙂

Derigible – Altered Book

It’s been a while since I worked in a book but I picked up a couple of beauties at Books-a-million recently and as wonderful as they are, I am altering them. You can’t sit still around here without getting painted or glued. Sometimes, both. This first spread is in Altered Wrecks by Chris McNab. If you like rust and tarnish and all things old, you’ll love this book. When I saw this old ship sitting in the dirt, I saw an old dirigible, rusty and patched but still flying so I had a little play.

I meant to take a photo before starting but I already had some paint on there before I remembered.