Society of Idea Collectors (SOIC)

I’ve joined Dede Willingham’s Society of Idea Collectors so, of course, I needed a new notebook for all those ideas. I wanted something that worked like a Midori so I could add to it as I went but it would still be portable. I made my own with a vintage book cover and Moleskine Cahier inserts. I love vintage hardback books with book cloth covers and old readers are some of my favorites because I love the art style in them. This one happened to belong to one of my brothers, way back when. Don’t tell him I swiped it. I used pages from the inside to line the inside cover and to decorate the fold-out folder I put inside. I’ve got 3 cahiers in it now, 2 lined and one blank paper, and at least 3 more will fit in there. I can switch them out if they get full.
Isn’t these the cutest pages on the inside covers? I just love the art in this one. I’ll end up using all of it somewhere.

Dede suggested we carve ourselves a personal rubber stamp to use and I already had 2 I use a lot that I carved years ago. The bee is because my name, Melisa, means honeybee so I use that for myself a lot. The flying fish I use a lot on larger things. It’s a little bit odd, just like me. 🙂

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