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Tea and Macarons

Anyone hungry? How about a couple of colorful French macarons? This was a fun little painting but I really wanted a sweet treat, afterward. That particular color of green was a little tricky to achieve. Should food really be this colorful? Yes, I think it should. It’s good to be painting again! This is 6″x6″ oil on Ampersand Gessobord.

I love to paint animals.

I especially love animals that are looking right out at me from the painting. The moment when it feels like they are looking back at me is the best part of the painting process. This one is not for sale, but you can see a bigger photo with zoom on my Daily Paintworks page. She is a gift for my cousin, a wonderful artist who I admire very much. She gifted me one of her paintings so I am gifting her one of mine. She requested a cow, up close and personal. 🙂 10×8 oil


Jeena Paradies kindly provided the reference photo I used.

Have we met? An oily cow.

I called this “Have We Met?” because she looks like she wants to introduce herself but she’s a lady and doesn’t want to be too forward. I really miss the cows on my parent’s farm since they had to get rid of them. I think I will have to paint more cows. They are just so much fun to paint with their big noses and doe eyes. 11×14 oil. 3/4 thick panel has hanging slot so may be hung unframed if preferred. Available for buying here.



She needs a name

My newest little portrait needs a name. Not a name for the model (her name is Emily) but a name for the painting itself that speaks of the emotions, thoughts or mood it evokes. At least, I HOPE it evokes something. To me, she looks a little sad or frightened but also defiant. Pensive, maybe. What do you think?

emily_small This was an experiment with a very limited palette, only 3 colors. I think this helped create the mood. She is 6×12 oil on gesso board. Happy Paint Party Friday!