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Journal Spread

Don’t you love my snazzy, thought provoking blog titles? I never seem to get any better at them, LOL. Here’s yesterday’s journal spread, featuring my face from Tuesday. The flying fish is a stamp I carved ages ago and still love. The black and white paper on that side is the scrap paper I used as a cover sheet when making some crayon batik paper recently. The cover sheets came out as interesting as the actual batik paper, so I kept it. Not that I ever throw anything away. The black tag under the face is from my winter coat and I just ran some white out tape over it so I could write on it with black. I liked it because it is thick with a nice satin finish. The patterned paper under it is from a security envelope from the junk mail pile. The little black birds were a bit of cardboard that I cut out and stuck to the end of a pen so I could stamp it a few times. So, more than you really wanted to know, huh? 😀

Happy Birthday to me

Hubby made me a homemade cheesecake with yummy local strawberries on top. The real kind that you have to bake and it takes hours and the whole house smells like cheesecake. Mmm! There is blue sky outside my window. My son is home and will probably whoop me at a few games of Agricola or Settlers of Catan. It’s going to be a good day.

29 Faces day 7, a journal page

Yesterday I went for realism so today I went simple and cartoony. This guy needed to go in my journal. He had something to say. You can click the image for a larger version but if you still can’t see the words on the right page they say, “I’ve never heard you tell the world a thing” and “can you hear me.”

I’ve drawn or painted every day this week (yay!) but this is probably my favorite painted project this week so I’ll use it for this week’s Paint Party Friday.

29 Faces day 1

Here’s my first face for the 29 Faces challenge. I have some kind of geeky Linux info I need to add to my journal today so I drew a face that would work with that. I thought the black cat’s eye glasses would be cool and she has that slightly disdainful look that really superior geeks are allowed to have. 😉 She’s colored pencil on an old planner page. I’ll post the whole journal spread later when it is done.

Just popping back in to add the finished journal spread. I painted the page black and then remembered that I’d lost my white gel pen. Doh! Luckily, I could find my white sharpie so it had to do. Linking to Just Journals Link Party.