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Altering Mona

The Three Muses challenge this week is Altering Mona. I wasn’t going to participate because I didn’t want to use printouts or do digital, but last night I remembered that I had a large picture of Mona Lisa in my junk mail folder, courtesy of the History Channel. I dug it out (it was from 2006!) and it was just the right size to decorate a manila folder so I pulled out some more junk mail and gave her a little makeover. The folder is a little bigger than my scanner but you can see most of it.

Mail Art for Three Muses

This week’s Three Muses theme is mail art, to be interpreted as we want. I thought I’d decorate the envelope for mailing my Helping Hands for Japan entry but it seems I am out of envelopes. I wasn’t in the mood for postcards, so I grabbed a folder and challenged myself to decorate it with one piece of junk mail. I used a pamphlet featuring interviews with local health professionals and lots of ads for local businesses. A purple watercolor crayon, a black scribe all pencil and a white Sharpie paint pen add details. Click the image to enlarge it so you can read the text, please.

Speaking of Helping Hands, I’ll post mine here tomorrow.  It’s not too late, if you want to send in one or two yourself. She needs them by May 4.


What’s a Woman to Do? – Steampunk for 3 Muses

What’s a woman to do, in a world gone mad? The Three Muses Challenge this week is steampunkerie. I love steampunk, but wasn’t sure I’d have images that would work in my pile of magazine and junk mail clippings. I sifted through and found some things that seemed to fit when they were all put together in my collage journal.

If you’re interested in reading some steampunk, you might like Boneshaker by Cherie Priest. I enjoyed the Audible version.


Better Luck Next Time

When I saw this week’s challenge theme of Fish over at Three Muses, I knew I wanted to make a page in my collage journal. I remembered saving this big fish image from a magazine way back. I glued in a friend to help him out and painted in a few details like the bobber and hook and bubbles. Then I looked through my box of words clipped from magazines to see if anything suited, but without really expecting to find anything. Better Luck Next Time just jumped out at me. Love me some fun fishy art!