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Some new ATCs

Illustrated ATCshad a monster challenge this week; 5 monsters in 5 days. These are the Skully Plays Dress-up ATCs I drew for the challenge. Colored pencil. The blue background ones are available for trade on iATC but I may keep the other two. Skully amuses me. He’s such a good sport, willing to wear whatever outfit I come up with for him. 🙂

I really have been painting…

I just haven’t had much time for photographing and blogging it. I painted this little robin Monday. It’s 6″x6″ acrylics on gessoboard. It’s the first time I’ve used the gessoboardt. I missed the texture of the weave and the bounce bounce of stretched canvas.  I found the acrylic tried to lift as it reached a certain tackiness and  I continued to paint, and I’ve never had that happen on canvas. I had to give it some drying time before I could continue.

I also finished this watercolor vignette. I’m not very pleased with it and I’m just not enjoying the watercolor much, lately. I think I need a change of subject. Something loose and washy and colorful, maybe.

And this is the last portrait I did in my Diary of Faces. It’s been done a while but I couldn’t get time to upload it here. The original was by Irish artist Major Sir William Newenham Montague Orpen, 1878 – 1931. I painted a cropped version of his Portrait of Gertrude Sanford. Gertrude was an American socialite who served as a spy during World War II. She was also a noted explorer, big-game hunter, environmentalist, and owner of Medway plantation in South Carolina. I hope to make it to Paint Party Friday this week!



New Paintings

I’ve got a couple of new things to show this week! The first is my first spread in my Diary of Faces. This week, we were to choose an artist (from the distant past)  from Singapore and do a portrait after one of theirs. I chose a crop of Maylay Woman by Georgette Chen. Most of us are painting in old books and if you’ve been here before you know I love to paint on the pages of old books. Click here to see the other cool thing I made with old books this week! This is the info card to go with my painting. Click to enlarge if you’d like to read it.

I also finished a 2 color watercolor on a half sheet. I used only Burnt Umber and Ultramarine blue. The choice of subject was not mine this time.

As usual, I’m sharing this with my artist friends at Paint Party Friday!



I know I said I’d be showing a watercolor for this week’s Paint Party Friday and I did do one, but it’s a boring one so I’m showing this work in progress instead. Sorry for the glare. It’s oils and still wet. This still has a long way to go but I’ll have to set it aside for a few days to dry before I can do more. The trumpet and the shirt are just roughed in. I think some of those wrinkles in the shirt are taking attention away from the center of interest, so I’ll probably lose some of them. This little canvas is only 8″x10″ so I’m trying to keep the background simple.

29 Faces day 8

For day 8 of the 29 Faces challenge, I played with the Mypaint program again. This time I tried paint instead of pencil. Obviously, I didn’t finish, but it’s a face. I call it The Pout. I put those colored splotches on the left because they are some of the colors I was using. If I put them right there on the image, I can easily grab them while painting and I can erase them when I am finished.

Oops! I just noticed that I forgot to put the 29 Faces tag on yesterday’s post so it wasn’t showing from the challenge link. It should show up now.