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A Sunday Sketch

It’s been a rough week without my little Bogie-man. I finally felt like picking up a pencil today but didn’t really know what I wanted to sketch so I just did a face out of my imagination. This time, I sketched the face first and then found words on the page for it, afterward. Take care of her. Yes, those are the right words, today. It’s still Sunday so I think I’ll link up with Sunday Sketches. It’s been a while.

The Summer of Color – Pink

Pink and shabby, comfortable and familiar, after all these year.

The Summer of Color theme this week is pink. I wanted to do another altered book page and was lucky enough to find a reference to pink azaleas in the book I’ve been using. Other words on the page such as shabby and comfortable made me think of a much loved stuffed toy that has been dragged around and loved for years, providing comfort and companionship to some little one. We were to use wax in some way for extra credit so I used a white wax crayon for the word Shabby. It acts as a resist to the green watercolor. Next week’s challenge color is Yellow with a bonus of metallics. I hope I can find the word yellow in my book!

Summer of Color – Blue

The Summer of Color theme this week is Blue.  I was having trouble deciding on what to do so I decided to grab one of my books and find the word blue and see if the words on the page would inspire me.  It worked!  Now, I should have either gessoed or sealed the page before using water on it, and I knew that, but I was working on the sofa because I didn’t feel well and I was just too lazy to take it to the art room.  So the blue lady is a bit blotchy, but she has other things on her mind so I don’t think she is bothered by it. This is inktense pencil, water, and a couple of my hand carved stamps in my art journal.

HOT TIP: If you use a book that has been indexed by Google in snippet view, you can use Google Books to look up a word, such as blue, and it will tell you 3 or 4 pages that contain that word. It’s much easier than skimming the book, hoping to find the word by luck!

Fun News: I just found out that I won the title of Wizard of Whimsy again this week! I’m tickled pink. I love being a wizard!  This week, it was for my goofy little One Line Owl. 😀 We can always use more entries over there, if anyone would like to play along.