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The Pinterest Challenge Project


Centsational Girl and a few of her DIY blogging buddies are hosting a Pinterest Challenge and today is show off day. You simply choose something you have pinned and stop procrastinating and get it done!  They gaveeveryone one week to get this accomplished. I had several different styles of book page wreaths pinned and knew I wanted one but hadn’t decided which style.  Here is the pin that I chose from my boards. And here is the tutorial for making it. I used a straw wreath instead of styrofoam (it was half the price) and  glued some strips of pages around it to keep it from shedding. I rolled paper flowers for 3 days but I had caught some king of bug and didn’t feel like doing anything else, anyway. This was a perfect project to work on while not feeling well. I listened to audio books and cut and glued. I used 4 different books to get a variety of color. The darkest of the pages are from a 1938 encyclopedia that I rescued from an old store that has been on my families property since my grandparents were a young couple. The owner was a family friend and lived in the store. The old building has since fallen in. I’ve heard many stories about Mr. Bell and the store so the pages have some sentimental value for my family. I really love the finished wreath! If it wasn’t for the challenge, I’d still be just thinking about someday making one instead of trying to decide where to hang my new pretty. I think it will go in the bedroom and maybe it will get a pretty bow or fabric hanger.

Shared at Fine Craft Guild Link Party  and Tranformation Thursday.


Scrabble Tile Coaster

I did a major desk cleanup a couple of days ago and decided I needed 2 things. Something to hide the huge hole in the back of the armoir desk and all the wires that go through it, and a new coaster. I stopped and covered a piece of foam core I had with some batting and the only fabric piece I had here that was large enough. Much better! My old coaster was a plastic cd case that just happened to be sitting there and got pressed into use for several years. I dumped out my bag of thrift store scrabble tiles and came up with something I liked (no offense to my Windows and Mac using friends!) and glued them to a piece of cork, then sprayed it with varnish.  I love it when I already have everything I need to finish a project.

Shared at the DIY Project Parade and Transformation Thursday and Fine Craft Guild.


Paint Party Friday?

This week I’ve been doing an entirely different kind of painting. I painted my armoire! The knotty pine has been getting on my nerves for years but we couldn’t afford to replace it. This armoire holds our TV, Wii, dvd recorder, and lots of other junk. I used Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Aubusson Blue and antiqued it with the dark wax. I love the blue against this caramel colored wall. The walls were this color when we moved in. This room has 12′ ceilings so Hubby said painting the room was not an option. I’ve grown to like the color, though.

I replaced the wooden knobs for bronze ones. The hinges were brass but Lowes didn’t have ones that worked like these so I spray painted the hinges and the screws with Rustoleum Oil Rubbed Bronze spray paint for metal. The hardware has 46 screws! I didn’t think I’d ever get them all back in.

And while painting, I noticed that this same color is in my Furtive Dryad painting. The other colors in the painting look good in there, too. I think I will get it framed and hang it in the room. I hope the Paint Party Friday ladies won’t mind this little detour into home dec painting this week. Next week will be a watercolor. 🙂

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A Faux Tin Sunday Sketch

Finally, I had time to participate in Sunday Sketches again! I’ve missed it. This may not look like a sketch, but it started with one. I sketched some loose flowers onto a piece of cardboard, traced the lines with Aleene’s tacky glue, used gluestick to cover the cardboard with aluminum foil, and added details. Then a light coat of black shoe polish and a gentle rubbing. The complete tutorial, with some excellent examples done by kids, can be found at Make it a Wonderful Life. They mention that you shouldn’t use corrugated cardboard because the lines would show but I wanted to try it and that was all I had. I think I’ll try to find some smooth cardboard and make a series of 3, similar but different, to hang in my living room. ! I actually drew 2 and had planned to glue them both up at once, since they need to dry overnight, but the gluing was hard on my carpal tunnel so I just did the one.  There are some thin lines etched into the background with a blunt tool but you’ll have to click for the enlargement to see them. They don’t show in the small photo. I really like the look. What do you think?

A closet for Amazons?

I hope everyone went surfing through Paint Party Friday yesterday. There were so many wonderful things to see. I was in the middle of a closet redo so I still have a handful of links to check but I will get to them soon. I had to do something about my closet. I am 5’6″ so not a short woman, yet I could not reach the rod to hang my clothes. This closet must have been made for an Amazon woman! You’d had to have been 7 foot tall to use the thing. We’ve been here over 2 years and it took me that long to decide to just move the thing down. Not done as easily as said, however. It is one of those wire shelf closet things (which I hate) and had 24 screws holding it up. 24! It took forever and now I have 24 large holes from the sheetrock anchors to fill but the rack is 6″ lower and I can reach up to it now. I would have put it lower but I would have had to move the lower shelf too, and wasn’t up to all that. I still have all the clothes to put back in. I also bought 2 sets of the drawer units to put in, because we don’t have a dresser. Hubby and I put those together and got them in last night. It will be so nice to have a closet I can use. I think I need a few new clothes to put in it. 🙂

This morning, I signed up for the 30 Days of PLaY workshop and am waiting for my invitation. I’ve been wanting to take an online workshop for a little play time but money has been tight and they are usually more than I can afford. This one is $10. I can afford that! Anyone else taking it?