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A new art journal cover

When the mail brought this new art journal with it’s plain brown cover, I couldn’t wait to decorate it. It’s been a long time since I worked in a journal this large. This is Ranger Dylusions Dyan Reaveley’s Creative Journal, 11.375 by 8.25-Inch. My last one this size was hand stitched by me and I loved the size but hadn’t had time to make another. This has nice heavy cardstock type paper, similar to a manilla folder or the paper in a Moleskine sketchbook but not so yellow as that. It’s not as thick as in my handmade one, or as white, but I think I’ll like it for mixed media collage. I put a coat of Golden Polymer Gloss Medium over this to protect it so I was restricted to media that wouldn’t smear when varnished. This has collage, acrylic paint, colored pencil, Stayzon ink (for my hand carved bee stamp) and I used a Faber-Castell Pitt pen for the designs on her clothing and other details. Even on the shiny magazine paper, the ink didn’t smear. The “Hello” in the top corner is a welcome mat from a catalog. I’ll probably think of this as the Hello journal from now on. 🙂 Do you name your journals?

An Altered Book Haunting

It’s almost Halloween so I thought I’d do a little haunting in one of my altered books. This book is Lost Interiors, a beautiful and HUGE book full of photos of abandoned interiors. This old crypt seemed perfect for a haunting! After some collage, painting, and colored pencil work, this is what I have now.

As usual, I was in such a hurry to start that I forgot a “before” photo until I’d already glued down a magazine image.

Derigible – Altered Book

It’s been a while since I worked in a book but I picked up a couple of beauties at Books-a-million recently and as wonderful as they are, I am altering them. You can’t sit still around here without getting painted or glued. Sometimes, both. This first spread is in Altered Wrecks by Chris McNab. If you like rust and tarnish and all things old, you’ll love this book. When I saw this old ship sitting in the dirt, I saw an old dirigible, rusty and patched but still flying so I had a little play.

I meant to take a photo before starting but I already had some paint on there before I remembered.

Collage Cards

I still love my glue and scissors and collage cards are perfect to work on when I don’t have the time or energy to stand at the easel and paint. I got rid of my Flickr account months ago so I maybe I’ll start to show some of my collage stuff here. I made these cards last week. Sometimes I add a lot of paint or ink but this set is mostly just magazine or junk mail images and glue. I use these as note cards in mailings or sometimes I add them to other projects like book covers. They are a good quick creativity fix because they are fun and don’t leave a big mess when I don’t have time to clean up. These are 4×6.