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Paint Party Friday – A WIP sneak Peek

I’m posting a bit early for Paint Party Friday because I have an early appointment tomorrow. I don’t have a finished painting to show but I have been painting this week. It’s still in the ugly stage so I will just show 3 little bits of it here to prove I’m working on it! It’s not behaving very well for me. I think I’m going to switch to oils. It’s acrylic and collage up to this point. It’s on canvas, 16×20 I think.

Helping Hands for Japan

Are any of you participating in  Helping Hands for Japan? They are asking artists to trace their hands, cut them out, art them up, and donate the hands for auction, with all proceeds going  to the Red Cross Japanese Earthquake/Tsunami relief fund. The front of mine is watercolor and the back is mixed media. The need the hands by May 4 (I think) so there is still a little time if you hurry!

Book of Faces

I bought a Strathmore Visual Journal this weekend. I’m going to use it for painting faces. Probably the whimsical and mixed media ones but not the more realistic ones. I have another sketchbook I do those in, or I do them on watercolor paper. This new journal is 9″x12″ and has heavy paper with a nice texture. I really like it. I did a page on it Saturday night and it held up well to multiple layers of gesso, watercolor crayon, acrylic paint and collage.

The text reads, ” Do what you can, with what you have, where you are. ~ Theodore Roosevelt