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29 Faces day 13

I had Carla’s January and February sidewalk crack photos sitting here on my desk, waiting for some attention. I decided to try to find a face in one of them for today’s 29 Faces challenge image. I usually spot animals but sometimes it’s faces. This is who I found hiding in the January one. If you want to see what you can find in the cracks, just sign up for the newsletter on Carla’s blog and she’ll send you a sidewalk crack photo each month.

Found creatures

Just a couple of found creatures for Sunday Sketches today.  (Still thinking of you and praying for you, Sophia.) See that disapproving look the little bird guy is giving us? That’s the look I give the hubs when he is misbehaving. He gets it often but pretends not to see it.



I also found this little bunny, who seemed to be stalking something. Turns out it was the sticker from my banana. 🙂 I’ve never thought of bunnies as stalkers but he seems pretty serious about it. I hope these 2 silly creatures will give make you smile today.

Happy Monday!

I hope everyone had a good weekend. Mine was good but seemed very short this week. I did a little drawing this weekend for my Silly 1 Redux assignments. This owl was inspired by Saturday’s one line drawing assignment. We are to do a fancy one liner today, too. Fun!







I got to wear my new flower necklace this weekend and wanted to show it off. Isn’t it wonderful? I bought it from Stephanie at 3Cs Design. Stephanie is in one of my Yahoo groups. She’s a sweet and talented lady. The flower is made from book pages. Click the photo to see an enlargement. It’s a self-inflicted bathroom mirror photo, so not the clearest, but I hope you can see how unique the necklace is. I love it.

Can’t seem to focus lately

I’m having trouble with procrastination and lack of focus. Well, I always have trouble with these things but it seems worse lately.  I went into my art room earlier to fetch something, then couldn’t remember what. I sat down at the desk,  trying to remember. I got distracted by some eyeballs that were laying there. What? You don’t keep loose eyeballs on your desk? You never know when you will need an eyeball.  Anyway, I decided to make  a quick critter and give him one or more of these eyeballs.   I was craving a dark chocolate Snickers bar so I gave him a sweet tooth, too. I glued down a couple of other scraps that were on the desk and there you go. Kind of creepy and kind of cute at the same time. Did I remember what I went in there after? No.

Then I decided to waste a little more time by posting him to my blog, even though I’ve already posted today. Because I love you guys and I thought maybe a creepy little critter with a Snickers bar and lolly might be just what you needed today. Yeah, I’ll go do something productive now. Really.


I need to get back to my canvas paintings. I know I do because I feel guilty every time I pass the easel. I just haven’t been in the mood for some reason. Maybe I’m just not that excited about the one I’ve got started. Maybe I should start something else and put that one aside until I’m in the mood to work on it. Or maybe another watercolor portrait would be more to my mood right now. I don’ know. I’ll try to get myself in there and do SOMETHING next week. For now I just have this silly trick or treating eyeball monster. He was inspired by the one-eyed monster lab in Drawing Lab for Mixed-Media Artists but my monster decided he wanted 2 mismatched eyes instead of one. I’m off to make the Paint Party Friday rounds and hoping that my PPF friends have been up to their elbows in paint and not slacking like me, LOL.