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Sunday Sketches – Bus Stop Bot

For this week’s Sunday Sketches I added a new robot to my Fictional Encycolpedia of Mechanical Contrivances (ROBOTS) for  Sketchbook Project 2012. This guy is expecting rain so he wore his galoshes because water and robots aren’t a good mix. The scanner washed it out in places. There’s a shadow under the bench that doesn’t even show in the scan. Oh, well. So, how’s everyone else doing with their Sketchbook project? I had put mine where I didn’t see it and accidentally forgot it for a while. Must do better! Must make robots!

Sunday Sketches – Robots for The Sketchbook Project

Remember The Sketchbook Project that I entered? I chose the theme “Encylopedia of” and after some thought I decided on Encyclopedia of Mechanical Contrivances (robots) just because robots are fun to draw and they are one of my favorite things. The paper in the sketchbook is just text copy, not sketchbook paper at all. I couldn’t find a medium that did not show through, warp, or refuse to stick, so I am replacing it with Strathmore Aquarius II watercolor paper. It’s only 80lb but has a special coating to keep it from warping like the lightweight watercolor papers normally do. And it is a nice bright white with a smooth velvety texture. The pic to the left is my new cover.  The larger pic is my first page. I think of this guy as Breakfast Bot. He will serve up a quick breakfast, your newspaper and the morning weather. The parrot is his best friend, whether he likes it or not. This is my Sketchbook Sunday entry for the week. Stop by Sophia’s place to see all the other entries!