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Sunday Sketches

Time for Sunday Sketches! Well, just one sketch. I went out with my ballpoint pen and sketchbook just long enough to sketch one of the flowers on my hibiscus. It was too hot to stay out any longer than that. All my other plants are just withering up in the heat but the hibiscus doesn’t mind it and keeps right on blooming.

Cabin for Sunday Sketches

Just one big sketch to show for Sunday Sketches this week. It’s not my usual kind of subject but it was an assignment. The darkest values are meant to make a C shaped composition, from the tree branches, down the tree trunk, around the grasses in front and up along the grass line at the bottom of the fence, leading to the old cabin. Graphite; HB, 6B, and a Generals Extra Dark.

Sketch every day in May

Are you joining in Sketch every day in May? I don’t know if I’ll get them all done, but I plan to do what I can. There’s a list of what to sketch each day. #1 is a landscape and #2 is something that represents a new year’s resolution of yours (mine is to paint more). Here’s my first 2. I’ll probably scan and upload a few at a time, rather than one every day, because that part of it takes so long.

A Sunday Sketch

It’s been a rough week without my little Bogie-man. I finally felt like picking up a pencil today but didn’t really know what I wanted to sketch so I just did a face out of my imagination. This time, I sketched the face first and then found words on the page for it, afterward. Take care of her. Yes, those are the right words, today. It’s still Sunday so I think I’ll link up with Sunday Sketches. It’s been a while.